The Ends of Education

“Many urge that the goal of education is to prepare students for the work force.  Others, such as Dewey, maintain that the goal is to equip students to be good citizens.  I will argue that such views are too narrow.  Since human beings are more than just workers or citizens, the ambitions of education should be broader.  I will suggest that the overarching end of education should be to equip students to live lives that they consider good.  Such lives include, but are not exhausted by work and civic engagement.  To achieve the end I identify requires, as Rawls recognizes, equipping students with the capacity to form a conception of the good and with the means to pursue it.  And it requires, as Sen recognizes, equipping them with the capabilities needed to recognize opportunities, to frame alternatives for themselves, to imaginatively entertain taking different goods as their own, and to assess the promises and perils of their choices.  We should not just open students’ eyes to possibilities, but equip them to evaluate those possibilities and, if they so desire, to pursue them”.

Te invitamos a la conferencia que impartirá Catherine Z. Elgin: “The Ends of Education”, el jueves 6 de abril a las 12:00 hrs., en las salas A y B del primer piso del IISUE.

Entrada libre. Cupo limitado. Habrá traducción simultánea.

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